(Uncut) Viral Video Spice Measurement Leaked Link on Twitter

(Uncut) Viral Video Spice Measurement Leaked Link on Twitter

majalahtren.com – (Uncut) Viral Video Spice Measurement Leaked Link on Twitter. For two days, Queen of Dancehall Spice has published random images of band measurements on its social media pages that have alluded to what it could do. Well, she certainly did not measure time for her second album.

Wednesday evening, the unpredictable job shocked, delighted and even concerned thousands of fans around the world, when she dropped an uncut clip of her band visuals, which should go out on Friday as part of her Second emancipated album.

In the 23 seconds clip, which sent online users in a frenzy, the singer Send It Up is seen relaxing around two male tracks with a measuring ribbon.

In less than an hour, the video received thousands of views and comments on the popular social media platform.

Video Spice Uncut Measurement

(Uncut) Viral Video Spice Measurement Leaked Link on Twitter

“Well, damn, I did not expect everything that is in my face like that” says @ Juanika14

“Wow, this thing pushed me into my eye,” added @Rubybardi to the line of reactions.

The Spice public relations team seemed to have increased anticipation with this waterfall, because it excited to see the whole thing and hear its new songs.

Some Spice followers also seemed to have developed an interest in one of the unidentified models.

Spice Uncut Video Viral on Twitter

@ Fyv3star said: “You couldn’t tag him or put his @ in the comments or the nun?”? ”

On the other hand, some men did not take too kindly for Phallus to be suspended. A man even published a screenshot to prove that he blocked the singer for her obscene message.

Spice is no stranger to draw major waterfalls when it comes to promoting its projects.

In 2018, she deleted each photo on her IG page, and then published a photo covered with light makeup – which sent languages ​​to what she was whitening or even made plastic surgery. It turns out that it was an accumulation of his song Black Hypocrisie, which speaks of racism and prejudices against blacks.

Emanciped will be published on Friday. The set of nine tracks occurs a little more than a year since the release of his first album, 10, which received a sign of the Grammy nomination head.

Watch Spice Tape Measure – Spice Uncut Video Viral on Twitter

(Uncut) Viral Video Spice Measurement Leaked Link on Twitter

The Meason Teaser Spice ribbon is trendy today. Measurement to be measured by Spice Official Ent written by Spiceofficial distributed by Stealth Music and United Masters album.

To the surprise of many, the short teaser was an unsuccessful version which caused a tumult of the social media.

You can watch the video twitter of the original not cut measurements by following this link. (Warning: NSFW content)