Watch Full Video Twitch Streamer Injury on TwitchCon Videos Viral on Social Network

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Video Twitch Streamer Injury on TwitchCon

Watch Full Video Twitch Streamer Injury on TwitchCon Videos Viral on Social Network

part of the festivities at TwitchCon, which started on Friday and ran through Sunday night, there was a foam pit. Streamers have jumped into it after doing battle on several high platforms, Gladiator style. Some of them were reportedly seriously injured.

Adriana Chechik has suffered the most worrisome injury, which you can see in the video below (first shared by Clippy Chimp), where she jumps off a small platform, splits her leg then lands on her tailbone, before rolling over and saying “I don’t can wake up.” Soon you can hear an announcer say, “No, no, he’s fine.”

He’s not fine! Chechik later tweeted, “Yes, I broke my back in two places and I had surgery to attach a measuring stick for support today. Send your support. When it rains and I really feel the rain now.”

After his injury—and calls for others to come from his friend EdyBot, who is the other person who jumped in the video above and who says he hurt his back too—others have shared reports of injuries they say they suffered in the same hole, such as a sprained knee. :

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Watch Full Video Twitch Streamer Injury on TwitchCon Videos Viral on Social Network

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