Deshaun Watson is Suspended for 6 Games for a Sexual Fault.

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Deshaun Watson is suspended for 6 games for a sexual fault. – Deshaun Watson is Suspended for 6 Games for a Sexual Fault. The NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson, ordered that the quarter of Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson, be suspended without salary for six games, confirmed the League to NPR on Monday.

The punishment comes after 24 women accused Watson of sexual misconduct, arousing civil lawsuits and putting the star quarterrier on the sidelines in 2021. Watson paid 20 of business against him in June.

The suspension of six games is “the most important punishment ever imposed on an NFL player for allegations of non -violent sexual conduct,” said Robinson in his decision, adding that “Mr. Watson’s driving model is more flagrant that before the NFL. ”

Robinson found Watson responsible for “multiple violations of the NFL personal conduct policy,” said NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy, at NPR by e-mail.

More specifically, she declared that the NFL had proved that Watson was engaged in: sexual assault (as NFL policies define it); Driving that represents a danger for another person; and conduct which undermines the integrity of the NFL.

The accusations against Watson came from some of the more than 60 massage therapists with which he worked in a period of 15 months, from the end of 2019 to the winter of 2021.

Robinson said that by making appointments with massage therapists, Watson “had a sexual goal – not just a therapeutic objective”.

“I find the proofs sufficient to demonstrate that Mr. Watson knew, or should have known, that all contact between his penis and these therapists were undesirable,” said Robinson.

Earlier this year, two major juries in Texas refused to indicate Watson for criminal accusations, opening a way for his possible return to the rules of the game.

Watson has the right to appeal the decision within three days, through the NFL Players Association. The league can also place its own call.

The NFL says that it “examines the taxation by judge Robinson by a suspension of six games and will make a decision on the next steps”.

Robinson is a former federal judge who started working with the NFL after retiring from the bench before the American district court of Delaware.

Describing the factors she weighed to decide on Watson’s punishment, Robinson admitted that he had “an excellent reputation in his community before these events”, adding that he had cooperated in the investigation and paid the restitution.

But, she said, Watson – who categorically denied doing everything that is inappropriate during massage sessions – did not express remorse either. She also noted that he had not immediately informed the NFL when the first trial was brought in March 2021.

As for the intentions of the NFL star before and during the massage sessions, Robinson wrote: “Mr. Watson had a reckless contempt for the consequences of his conduct, which I find equivalent to intentional conduct.”

Watson played for Houston’s Texans when the allegations against him appeared. In March, he signed a five-year contract to become a quarter of the Browns.